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Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson discuss the misconceptions of alopecia

dermatologist’s office; absolutely nothing. I am not a fan of that needle process. I’ve done scalp massage treatment and have actually been seeking more natural treatments. I have faith that my hair will grow back. I’ve also embraced the bald appearance. Michael Jordan is my preferred professional athlete and [being] bald is distinguished, so they say.How do you manage?Thankfully, the only place affected is my head and not my beard or eyebrows. So I shave my head every other day. Workout and tension management is so important. Not taking that pressing telephone call, swimming laps

, cooking in the cooking area, playing computer game, playing basketball and doing laundry are all healing in management.What is the greatest mistaken belief you have actually become aware of alopecia?That it is infectious. It’s not. In all truth, it is an autoimmune illness with no cure.

My household keeps both amusing and interesting. One of my uncles before knowing what it was told me I had a really bad haircut. The running joke with a few of my close friends is that we recount that scene in Hair salon where the character played by Cedric The Performer teases the kid who had a patch accidentally cut into his head and states that the kid looks like a leopard. Humor makes things intriguing and produces awareness, however.What is next for you? No official strategies yet. I recently talked with NBA player Charlie Villanueva about his condition and he shared with me how he coped. He’ll be appearing on my Scoop B Radio Podcast to discuss it quickly. Stay tuned for that. I also fulfilled Dory Kranz, CEO of the National Alopecia Areata Foundation. Hopefully, I can find out more about the foundation, illness and belong to the cause.Brandon “Scoop B”Robinson is managing editor and a writer at RESPECT Magazine. The sports and home entertainment writer

and personality has Twenty Years in the industry in radio, television and print.Twitter: @ScoopB Instagram: @Scoop_B