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Kerastase Specifique Stimuliste Nutri-Energising Daily Anti-Hair Loss Spray Evaluation

Today, I am back with another long waited for evaluation. This is an essence spray for the scalp to manage hair fall. This is from my most preferred hair care brand “& ldquo; Kerastase. & rdquo; I bought it in April; when during a hair day spa at the Kerastase beauty parlor, the beautician saw rather a bit of hair fall and suggested this product to me. I purchased 2 bottles of this; considering that one bottle was expected to last me for around 2 months, with two times or thrice a week application. I have actually been using it frequently since the month of April and will now review this for you.Daily nutri-energising anti-hair loss treatment. Stimulates natural hair growth *. * scientific test on 119 individuals For Delicate hair, for loss of hair. For over-active scalps vulnerable to oiliness , For dehydrated scalps susceptible to dandruff.Supports the exchange and absorption of nutrients(Vitamine PP

  • ). Adds constitutive matter to the hair(arginine). Promotes hair production(
  • GL). Enhances hair density.Application: Stimuliste needs to be applied daily on dry or towel-dried hair, as an enhance to
  • the remedy anti-chute pro-ciblee

. Spray on the roots, massage. Do not rinse. Design as usual.It comes in a grey-colored long box product packaging that & rsquo; s covered inside a cellophane sheet. All information are written on the box. Inside is a grey color

metal canister like bottle, which includes 150 ml item’. It has a nozzle at the top, which is once again covered with a white cap for health function. On pressing the nozzle, the product comes out as a spray.Color/ Fragrance/Consistency: This is a colorless liquid, as thin as water. It has no special scent in it, simply an odor of certain chemicals.The strategy of application was shown to me by the Kerastase hairprofessional. After shampooing and drying your hair with a towel, you need to divide your hair into sections randomly, and spray the liquid onto the scalp.

It has a cooling feeling on contact with the scalp. Around 5-6 sprays are required after you clean your hair, every time. Then, you just massage your scalp a bit for a minute or more & hellip; and it is done!Results: I am a Kerastase fan! Which is due to the fact that it has constantly produced excellent results on my hair. I wash my hair around 2-3 times a week and ever since I got this spray, have been utilizing it after each spray. This spray is supposed to

reduce my hair fall. My hair remained in good condition after utilizing the Kerastase Initialliste as inspected by the Kerastase hair expert, using their unique, camera-like maker, however I still had hair fall. So, I was advised to attempt this product.I need to say that, sadly, this item has actually not worked for me at all, not even a bit. My hair continued to fall as previously

and in reality increased with the onset of monsoons. I am nearly finishing the 2nd bottle, but nope, no results at all. It was only the L & rsquo; Occitane Body and Strength Hair Shampoo And Conditioner which helped me in the end.This item has truly reduced my infatuation with the brand name and a loss of a fantastic’deal of cash. On the positive side, it did not collect on my scalp.

It did not cause any irritation or itching on my scalp. It did absolutely nothing at all!Pros of Kerastase Specifique Stimuliste Nutri-Energising Daily Anti-Hair Loss Spray: Nice packaging.Easy-to-use spray bottle.Easy to use on scalp.No specific fragrance.No product accumulation on scalp.No irritation or itching on scalp.Cons of Kerastase Specifique Stimuliste Nutri-Energising Daily Anti-Hair Loss Spray: Did not decrease my hair fall; either during dry summer seasons or humid

  • rainy season.Very expensive.Limited availability in India.Would I
  • Redeem Kerastase Specifique Stimuliste Nutri-Energising Daily Anti-Hair Loss Spray?This is a treatment item; offered just at Kerastase professional beauty parlors. To give it a benefit of doubt, I will say that what has actually not worked for me; may work for somebody else. If you go by my experience, I would not suggest this product to anyone dealing with excess hair fall.
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